Doggett Street Studio Doggett Street Studio

Gallery Options

Gallery One 

is the largest of the six exhibition areas and is suitable for most types and scales of work. The space is on two levels, with the majority of the space occupied by a raised timber floor (ex-loading dock). The nature of the space easily allows the combination of intimate and large scale works along with sculptural works. Gallery One is the main entrance other than during openings.

Gallery Two and Five
are long spaces which are most suited to small to medium sized works, and installations. The length of the spaces gives the illusion of narrowness, however at three meters wide, it is the width of a standard room. Gallery two is the main entrance during openings.

Gallery Three & Four
are of identical floor areas and are more conventional gallery spaces. Both spaces can accommodate small to large scale works and installations.

Gallery Six
is the newest addition to Doggett Street Studio and most suited to large scale paintings and sculptures.  At 8m x 7.5m it is floor area is larger than Galleries Three and Four combined.  It location in the centre of the building takes advantage of exceptional ambient daylight during the day.

All galleries have fixed tungsten lighting.

2D artworks are generally hung from screws fixed directly into the 9mm MDF wall sheets.  Paintings and framed works do not usually require hangers wires as they are generally hung directly of the frame if there is an suitable rebate.

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