Pink Boxes
orange structure
green cricles
pink circles
Night Couple
Girl Walking
Men in Suits Fighting
Seagulls Feeding, Kirra
Morning News
Man with Longboard, Caloundra
Smoking Houses I
Smoking Houses II
Smoking Houses III
Smoking Houses IV
Train #3
Blue Train #3
Blue Train #8
Moonie Wattle II
Moonie Wattle III
Ghost Gums
Toowoomba Trees I
Sheep Skull
Orange Self Portrait No. 1
Sheep Skulls
Twirly Purple No. 2
islands (grey and green)
island abstractions (blue and yello
coastal drawing (horizons with pale
islands (red and orange)
Untitled (from moths) 1
Untitled (from moths) 3
Untitled (from moths) 5
Untitled (from moths) 7
Untitled (from moths) 9
Medium Head 2
Heads (installation)
Large Head 3
Guggenheim Museum
Dark Streets
Red Building
Art Deco Building, N.Y.
From the *Tree* Series
Rules 2: Don't Bring Me Flowers
Two Hot Rods
Too Many Cool Peop
Ho Ho Bro
Split Personality
Yellow Bear
Brother, Sister, Light
Brother, Sister, Dark
Slang Editorial
Slang Editorial
Slang Editorial
Slang Editorial
View East
View West
View North
View South
Longland St #1
Longland St #2
Doggett St #1
Doggett St #2
Empire on Ann
View From The Fence
KM Smith
Walk on Water
Tanks I
Tanks II
Night Overflow
Christmas - Invite 2001