Telling the Joker a Joke
Two Birds One Stone
Pigeon Carrier with Carrier Pigeons and Red Dog
Melting Moments I
Some Day Wheel Fly Away
Sore Horse
Getting a Head Start
In Bed With You - Amazing
Pie in The Sky
Nose to the Grindstone
An Affair to Remember
I Believe I Can Fly
Shoulder to the Wheel
Reading Between the Lines
Copy Cats
Ever the Underdog
Ive Got You in My Sights
Passing Time
Someone To Look Up To
Pin-Up Girl
Towing the Line
A Match Made in Heaven
Moving House For A Friend
Location, Location
Circus Hopefuls
Circus Career, At Arm's Length
Field of Dreams
Tall House, Small House w/- Cats
House w/- Motorbike
House w/- Birds
Little House w/- Aeroplane
Tall House w/- Owl
Tall House w/- Butterfly
Red House w/- Roo
Pink House w/- Parrots
Long House w/- Dogs
Courier Mail, 21-09-2004, Pg: 019