Trees & Rain
Flock of Burning Sheep
Yellow House
Tarraleaha House 1
Tarraleaha House 2
Red Coro Shack
Giant with Tree
Twin Paxton Supercharged Top Loader
Men and Boat
Boat House
Tarraleaha House 3
Green Shed
Low Flying Top Loader
Stump Puller
Fat House
Return Of The Queen
Bonzai Garden, Dove Lake, Cradle Mountain
Giant with Caravan
Hill in Fingel
Burn Out
Liberation of Arcadia
Giant Squid, Trial Harbour
Stock Car
Merle Oberon: Beyond The Shadows Of Doubt
Onion & Garlic
The Road To Trial Harbour
The Leaf Burners
Scrub Runner
Pub Runner
1. Bush Rat
3. VW Tank
4. Dragway
6. Small Man Big Rock
8. Top Loader II
9. Mother and Child
12. Stroked Rat
13. Bad Landing
14 & 15. V8 Rhino Beetle and V-Twin Rhino Beetle
16. One Of The Cars That Ate Paris