She didnt get everything
Special case
The meek shall inherit the earth,...after weve finished shopping
Ridin on coat tails and dumb blind luck
Just a quiet word
That white picket fence is freakin me out
Calculating the exchange rate
In gods we trust
Historys just a seies of awkward reminders and family reunions
Her lips never moved
Tits and tales of a shop girl
Monday morning armour
Not good enough
fond, but not in love
Son, ...theyre all the same
How does one see their prey
Captn of the water polo team he was
Not in those shoes
Taken from behind
Im sure I could do better
Harden, the fuck up
A solid foundation of routine
He went out for smokes
Go on, I dares ya..
Bitch on heat
Why did I put that on the card?
Did I have to pick up the kids?
I should have kissed you when we were alone
Fleeting spasmodic twitches of belief
Jesus Christ! ..Good God damn
In pursuit of the boob
The key to success is....visualization
Everybody watches porn
Tucked in behind the fold of the upper left thigh
no ones sposed to know
scared of dresses...hates to dance
Stomachaches heart fakes post coital blues
the quiet desperation of the 12 item aisle
to be judged by a jury of your peers
Role-playings extra
Im gonna pat her and luv her and keep her forever
in fears we trust
Flap and tickle
He brought great joy
soak till sober
Nibble on a giddy squeal
It was all she had to offer
Favors for favors
Wink into a one night stand
He should be here soon
Show me the way to go home
Satdeeymornin wakeup call
Youve always gotta fuck things up
Numb legs remind me of high school
Its not like the movies
No alarms
The forward cycle motion of the stationary
Cant keep livin off dead birds